The Discipleship Ministry is an oasis for believers, dedicated to nurturing and guiding them on their spiritual voyage towards emulating Christ. Grounded in the profound teachings of Jesus, our ministry accentuates personal evolution, spiritual ascension, and an enriched comprehension of the Holy Scriptures. Our endeavors, including methodical Bible studies, mentorship endeavors, and engaging group interactions, ensure that participants are fortified with the wisdom and tools to infuse their faith into their daily lives.

Classes will begin on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, directly following online prayer @7:30 pm.  Just stay on the Zoom!!!  You will have the lesson prior to Tuesday via email.  Please feel free to sow into the ministry as God leads.  All donations will go toward the Relocation Building Fund.

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Evangelist Mary F. Miller

Director of Discipleship Ministries

Evangelist Mary F. Miller stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment, especially for women. The mastermind behind 'It's About You Consulting Services', Mary's mission transcends business. She equips women to draw strength from their past, turning their adversities into stepping stones. Over the years, her fervent teachings and mentorships have elevated countless women, making them realize their intrinsic worth.

Her journey began in Itasca, Texas, then took her to Kansas City, Missouri for an extended stay of over 40 years. In the late sixties, she settled in Seattle, Washington, only to traverse through states like Oklahoma, California, North Carolina, and Florida. This extensive journey culminated in Tampa, Florida in 2019 before her eventual return to Seattle.

Mary's service extends beyond evangelism. For over 15 years, she volunteered at the Sea-Tac Federal Prison Women's Ministry in Seattle, WA. Her dedication to community service continued as a Case Manager Family Support Worker in the Seattle Public School District for two decades, leading to her retirement in 2011. Her spiritual journey saw her licensed as an Evangelist under the esteemed leadership of Bishop Reginald C. Witherspoon, Sr. DD. Academically, after securing her AA degree from AA Hardy School of Theology, she reached a significant milestone in 2017 by obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Counseling from Trinity College of Florida.

Fondly termed "Sister Sunshine" within the church community, Mary's charisma, combined with her rich life experiences and academic achievements, makes her an efficacious motivational speaker. The divine anointing on her life has blessed her with the ability to infuse hope, healing, direction, and life into everyone she meets. 'It's About You Consulting Services', primarily catering to women, is her platform to break shackles holding many back from progress.

Mary, a loving mother of three and a grandmother, serves diligently as the Director of Discipleship at Mount Calvary Christian Center, Church of God in Christ.

Dr. Evangelist Missionary Patricia Barnes-Sam, ThD.

Greetings of Love, Peace and Joy!!!

"I am Saved and Satisfied, I thank God for Saving lives. " I'm grateful to God for giving me a heart to share the love of God with you. "My heart's desire is for us to learn, share, and grow in God's Grace.

Blessings and Love,

Elder Charles Scott

 My deepest desire, rooted in the richness of faith, is for us together to embark on a journey of learning, sharing, and flourishing under the nurturing canopy of God's Grace.

Elder Phil Curry

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